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Common Terms

  1. Musturbate.com provides Adult Videos, Pictures and Advertising Spots. 
  2. Musturbate.com is not subordinated to the content providers listed in the search results. However, it is possible for Musturbate.com to sign up affiliation agreements with some providers.
  3. Musturbate.com shares contents of other networks (Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube etc.) with a valid Hub Traffic Partner ID 10093685 and has the rights to do this.
  4. Musturbate.com is not involved in illegal activities and/or exploitation of prostitution and other activities.
  5. Musturbate.com will update website data at its discretion and without notice.
  6. The access at our services is allowed only for adults of age.
  7. Musturbate.com is not responsible for contents that hurt the user’s sensibility.
  8. Musturbate.com is not a content producer. 
  9. Musturbate.com does not ask for money to watch the contents.
  10. Musturbate.com may provide paid advertising service at its discretion and after a careful evaluation of the content promoted on the site.
  11. Paid services are only agreed upon by e-mail request. 
  12. The costs of advertising spaces do not have a fixed price, which is agreed with the buyer based on the visibility of the purchased Ad Zone.
  13. For any clarifications contact info@musturbate.com
  14. Musturbate.com is a property of World Wide Services – Est.da Do Gabinal 1874 Rio De Janeiro – RJ – Brazil

Video Uploads By Users

  1. All registered users adults of age are able to submit their own videos.
  2. While submitting a video, all users are strictly responsible in case of copyright infringement. They declare to own all rights to publish contents, comments and other materials.
  3. Contents provided by the user can not portrait people under age, pedophilia or animal abuses. In the event of a contravention, Musturbate reserves the right to cooperate with the authorities.
  4. Users are aware that submitting a video they will not receive any money compensation. But the exchange of web traffic is possible.
  5. Users who post a video can request to put their banner under the video, by writing to info@musturbate.com
  6. Musturbate does not hold the rights of the videos published by users, nor the exclusive rights.
  7. To request the cancellation of the video, the user must contact the administrator info@musturbate.com, specifying the title of the video and the author.
  8. Duplicated videos are not allowed.
  9. The user will be legally liable for any action that violates copyright or due other infractions contained or related to the published videos.
  10. Clicking on the “Submit Video” users accept these Terms & Conditions and their future revisions.